About Eaglescience - Eaglescience

With our skills we build software that contributes to a better world

Because each question is unique, Eaglescience develops custom-made and innovative software.

Because we work Agile, we deliver exactly what is needed: nothing more and nothing less. We search for long term commitment and collaboration based on trust and quality of our products.

We supply customized software to various types of customers, from start-ups to reputable scientific institutes. We help them to turn their innovative ideas into qualitative software.

Our main success factor are our people, who continuously develop themselves by working with the latest techniques on various projects. In doing so, we are driven by passion for our work and the desire to contribute to a better world.

Our principles

Personal development

Fun at work

Contribute to a better world

Because we work on socially relevant projects, we contribute to a better world. This keeps us motivated to do what we are good at: building innovative software.