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  • 11 January 2019

Eaglescience receives renewal ISO 9001:2015 certificate

Eaglescience receives renewal ISO 9001:2015 certificate

Eaglescience receives renewal ISO 9001:2015 certificate 1000 1000 Eaglescience

Eaglescience Software has again received the ISO 9001:2015 certificate from test and certification company DEKRA. In this way, Eaglescience complies with the International Standard for Organization (ISO) standard, which indicates that work is carried out according to a set structure, that internal business processes are in order and that their quality is guaranteed. In addition, the certificate shows that Eaglescience continuously improves its processes to continue to meet the standard.

‘As team Eaglescience we are proud and happy that our certification has been renewed! A recognition of our drive to continually increase the level of our processes so that we can offer our customers the best quality of software. ‘
Wender van Mansvelt, COO at Eaglescience

About Eaglescience Software
As an innovative IT company, Eaglescience develops customized software and sets up service and hosting for developed applications.  By doing this, quality, continuity and one point of contact for customers are guaranteed. Eaglescience is committed to long-term cooperation based on trust and the quality of their products. Based on the conviction that a customer-oriented approach is essential for the acceptance of end products, Eaglescience aims to be part of the entire process: from formulating an idea, starting the product to guaranteeing its life cycle.

Employees of Eaglescience employees are the key success factor, striving for an optimal balance between work and personal matters. This gives employees lots of freedom but requires self-discipline and responsibility. In addition to developing new products for customers, Eaglescience continues to innovate by working together with various scientific institutions and universities.

The certification was carried out by DEKRA, one of the largest testing and certification institutions in the world. DEKRA has extensive expertise in auditing and certifying management systems in the field of quality, safety, sustainability, and information security.

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