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Archeologica is a competitive and educational game where players are challenged to link archaeological finds to characteristics. Archeologica is developed as a result of winning the Digging for Data app challenge, set out by the province of South Holland. The objects in the game are archaeological finds that come from the treasury of the province of South Holland. By playing the game more data is collected about the objects with which the databases are enriched and thus can be further opened. This increases the audience reach of archaeological data.

The goals of the application are:

  1. Interaction with the public (citizens): to interest the public and to involve them in the archaeological finds stored in the depot. The game format ensures interaction;
  2. Increase and simplify access to the digital treasury (companies, science): The use of the application will generate additional information about the finds. This information can be used in many ways, for example for the classification of data with which (unstructured) data sources can be made more accessible;
  3. Setting up new collections or filling interactive content on the province’s website.

“We have found our digital Indiana Jones and we are very proud of that!” – J. Van Ginkel (Chairman of the jury)

Data enrichment and unstructured information

To make the game attractive, pictures are needed with accompanying characteristics. Through recent results from Machine Learning and Deep Neural Networks it is possible to:

  • Extract data (semi) automatically from the unstructured data collection;
  • Use the extracted data (images and features) in the game;
  • Use new insights (features) obtained by the players in the game to improve Machine Learning.

Through this feedback loop we achieve a twofold goal: the game becomes more attractive and the unstructured database is gradually opened up (supported by players).


“The project has a lot of personal meaning because I proposed it to the CEO myself. I have a passion for archeology and when I was shown a challenge where archeology and data files are combined, I pitched the idea to colleagues, who were immediately enthusiastic. Then we worked on a team to further develop the idea. From the start I am involved in setting up the pitch, and then also in developing the project design and thinking along about the data model. I have worked on many projects, but this is the first project in which I have been thinking so much from the beginning. The combination of software development, data and archeology makes this project very suitable for me.” – Leandra

Used techniques

Backend: Play in combination with Scala, MySQL database
Frontend: Angular 6

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More information:
Beleef Archeologie
Provincie Zuid-Holland


Marc Grootjen 

Eaglescience Software op het Festival van de Toekomst

Tijdens het Festival van de Toekomst van de provincie Zuid-Holland zijn we geinterviewd door de 11-jarige Abel. Hij was benieuwd wat Archeologica inhoud en waarom we deze app hebben ontwikkeld. Ben jij daar ook benieuwd naar? In de video vind je de antwoorden! En nog veel meer informatie via deze link:

Geplaatst door Eaglescience Software op Vrijdag 14 september 2018