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Optimising your balance between work and home

Banenruil is a new and alternative idea to find and connect employees who want to change some part of their job. For the ones who travel between home and work, being unable to move but do want to travel less. With Banenruil, employees have the opportunity to swap jobs in order to reduce the amount of time spent commuting to their workplaces.

Members of Banenruil build a profile of their current and desired working environment, which is matched against other profiles. A swap can be initiated when a desirable match is found. The goal is to provide more free time, less travel time and a higher quality of work and life.

“Change your job to pick up your kids from school”

Banenruil & Eaglescience

Eaglescience implements the high performance engine that matches profiles of employees using state of the art techniques. Users can assign weights to subjects they think are important, influencing the match results. The engine also generates smart feedback about the optimum ordering of matches.

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