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Assisting neurosurgeons

The Braincarta project is intended to assist neurosurgeons by making the state of the art imaging of brain function available to (non-academic) hospitals. With standardised and validated data collection and an automated processing pipeline we can provide the neurosurgeons with information on location of important brain areas, and thereby improve risk assessment of surgery.

Braincarta aims to assist neurosurgeons in their decision whether to operate and remove a tumor or not. We will provide surgeons with information on the areas involved in movement and language in relations to the position of the tumor. Advanced algorithms will determine how much the data can be trusted. Results are provided in a clinical report. In the future the results will be easily available as 3D function maps in the neuronavigator during surgery. Patients will benefit from more informed decision making.

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Braincarta & Eaglescience

Eaglescience is the key player in the development of the core software used in Braincarta. We use our IT knowledge combined with software development skills for academic research institutions to ensure a safe, medically approved, reliable tool to contribute to informed medical decision making in functional neurosurgery.

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