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Bee-hive Monitor System

Hive monitor system
bRemote is a hive monitor system for professional beekeepers. The idea and first design documentation for the smartphone application was developed by the bRemote team, Eaglescience has done the design and development of the frontend of the application. The backend is developed and managed by Bob Peters of the bRemote team.

How it works: the system guarantees good pollination and makes keeping bees easier and less time-consuming. Bees are the main pollinators for the production of our food, the hive monitor takes work off by monitoring the health of the bees 24 hours a day. It is therefore no longer necessary to carry out preventive checks. If the hives have to be moved, they can be closed remotely.

Activity insight
The company bRemote has developed a hardware component that is placed in the hive. The user gets insight into the activity of the bees via a smartphone application and can schedule events with which the bRemote hardware can be controlled remotely. The product is aimed at professional beekeepers who have fresh chambers at remote locations. 

Note of the team
Usually we develop both the frontend and backend of an app, but in this case the backend of bRemote was already set up. So it’s up to us to take care of the frontend part and to connect this seamlessly to the already existing backend. We started with a design process in which Adobe XD was used to work out the user experience and the design of the app. Based on feedback from future app users, a definitive design was chosen and we could start building.

To quickly realize an app for multiple platforms, we decided to create a web app with Angular and convert it with Cordova into an Android and iOS app. In consultation with bRemote, the entry points in the back end were fine-tuned so that our frontend could retrieve the required data. The principle of reactive programming came in handy when processing the asynchronous data stream of bee activity. With Observables (RxJS) all graphs and statistics in the app remain up to date, so beekeepers can always see the status of their bees.

Used techniques

  • Angular
  • Amazon Web Services (Cognito),
  • Cordova and Cordova Hot Code Push

More information:

Marc Grootjen