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Digitalizing a proven method

The digital GIZ (DIGIZ), the digitalization of the proven GIZ method for estimating care needs of parents and children, is a new ZONMw project in which TNO, GGD Hollands Midden, JGZ Zuid-Holland West, Leids Universitair Medisch Centrum, NCJ and Eaglescience are participating.

The digital GIZ is a tool for parents, children and care professionals. It aids to establish an overview of challenges, faced by parents and youth, and strengths experienced. This has proven to be a powerful tool to determine specific care needs and at the same time triggers resilience. The tool is easily accessible via tablet or laptop, devices daily used by children, youngsters and parents. The digital GIZ encourages parents and children to determine their own action plan based on both care needs and strengths.

Digitalizing the GIZ approach has another advantage, it is now possible to save an action plan, read it over online and monitor the improvement. This encourages both the parents and children to act on improving their situation and by doing so, become more in control over their life and the challenges faced.


“Eaglescience is a driven enterprise, hands-on but also scientific orientated. Besides the day-to-day development flow, they help out on the project proposal, think ahead and gather all knowledge needed to establish user needs. Eaglescience is so much more then software development.”


For professionals this means, that they just need to bring their laptop or tablet. Paper files and schemes are now digitally available and can be directly up or downloaded. Professional care agencies, care websites, instruction flyers and videos are available in the application and filtered based on the indicated care needs. Using this digital GIZ facilitates a more structured conversation with recognizable output that stimulates the user to act and improve their situation. Reports from the session as produced by the digital GIZ can be easily used by care-professionals as input for administration purposes. The functionality to save the report makes it possible to monitor improvements, evaluate actions taken and to follow up on the action plan, care needs and strengths in a second meeting.

Currently, the project team digital GIZ is developing a prototype. The end-users, both clients and professionals, are strongly involved throughout the full development process to ensure usability and usefulness. Surveys and interviews are taken, next to pilot and field study. E.g. these are related to the interface, look & feel and the functions of the DIGIZ. The prototype will be tested in practice by the second half of 2017. The first version of a complete digital GIZ product is expected to be launched in 2018.

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TNO & Eaglescience

TNO aims to connect people and knowledge to create innovations that strengthens, in a sustainable way, both our society and economy. This connects TNO and Eaglescience Software through their key values. Since the start-up of Eaglescience, the collaboration has been close and many projects were completed, like SamenStarten, Brainwave eReader and eASI.

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