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EEG Kiss

What does a kiss look like in EEG data?

Artists duo and researchers Lancel/Maat investigate social and sensory connections, privacy, empathy, vulnerability and trust by using Multi Brain Computer Interfaces (Multi BCI). During internationally shown performance installations people were asked to kiss, like a reflexive data scape. Kissing acts are orchestrated again for a poetic, digital, synthetic ritual. In live kissing experiments with Multi BCI EEG headsets, visitors are designated as “Kissers” or “Observers”. Their brain waves are measured while kissing. The EEG data is then projected in real-time on the floor. At the same time, the brain waves of the observers are measured, with neurons reflecting the activity of the kiss movements that resonate in their imagination. The combination of all data thus forms a visual and reflexive data scape, translated into an algorithm for a soundscape: a “Kissing Data Symphony”.

Quote: ‘Eaglescience is an open and flexibele software developer’ – Hermen Maat, Lancel/Maat

Team talking:

“EEG Kiss was a very cool and also special project. Because to achieve the effect, people had to kiss each other in a public environment surrounded by spectators. This resulted in a very special situation, partly because by using technology as a means, human emotions became visible. Technology is pretty “hyped”; and with EEG Kiss that was broken by a crossover of art and technology and the human with the artificial. The collaboration with Hermen and Karen was very pleasant and easy. I had previously worked with EEG during my studies, which gave me an advantage. It took some effort to understand the visualization calculations made by someone else, but this was a very nice challenge. “- Dirk


Visual Studio
EEG devices connected via Bluetooth to computer
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