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Developing tactile technology

Elitac develops tactile displays that can be used in various applications. Vibration electronics are integrated in various wearable textiles, so called haptic wearables. These products use vibration to transmit information to the wearer, as tactile information has been proven to be a very intuitive communication channel. Eaglescience and Elitac actively collaborate with both commercial and scientific institutions to develop new applications for tactile technology. Our commitment is strategic and long term; we are always looking for new innovative (inter)national projects, driven to create and develop challenging tactile technology.

“Working with Eaglescience is the strategical choice by default, and therefore a long-term commitment.”

Elitac & EagleScience

Eaglescience and Elitac work closely together on innovative projects like MotoSense and SenSuit. Together we join consortia and joint ventures to develop integrated hardware, embedded software and new challenges for tactile technology.

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