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Inclusive Design

Creating a toolbox for ICT services and products

Eaglescience has developed the “Include” Inclusive Design toolbox. This toolbox is useful for small to medium-sized enterprises wanting to develop an ICT service or product.

The “Include” toolbox aids the users in selecting, performing and reporting the results of methods for involving end users in the development process of products and services. It does this by presenting step-by-step explanation, instant materials, examples and convenient tips for involvement of target user groups. The “Include” toolbox provides a wide range of user centered design methods that are fast, cost efficient and robust.

“The Include Toolbox provides a wide range of user centered design methods that are fast, cost efficient and robust.”

Commit & Eaglescience

Inclusive Design is part of COMMIT project IUALL (Interaction for Universal Access). The objective is to enhance the self-efficacy, social engagement and security awareness of diverse citizens in a district via interaction with personal applications and services. COMMIT is a public-private research community where universities, technological institutes and small & large businesses participate in public-private multi-party projects. Project IUALL is one of the projects in which Eaglescience participates.

The IUALL (I, You, All) project starts from the idea that anybody should be able to interact with computer systems. Universal Access calls for systems that are designed also for people with, for instance, low-literacy skills, small children, those living outside their native country, the elderly and even those with severe disabilities. The project approaches this design challenge in two ways. First by investigating technology with social intelligence and second by investigating and producing tools for IT designers to help them design for all.

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