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Support during conversations for Parent and Child Teams (OKT) Amsterdam

Parents, children, young people and also youth workers can ask their questions and concerns about parenting and growing up to Parent and Child Teams Amsterdam (OKT). The OKT app has been developed with financial support from the ZonMW innovation platform, and has bee a cooperation consisting of the GGD Amsterdam, TNO Child Health, Pharos and Eaglescience Software.

The objective of this app is to digitally support the conversations between healthcare professionals and families with a question about the development and growing up of children. The digital support facilitates and structures the conversation and supports the professional and the family in mapping the demand for care. As a result, integrated help can be offered at an early stage that fits the request for help, wishes and possibilities of all involved.

During interactive workshops, GGD Amsterdam, TNO Child Health and Pharos visualized how conversations with families are progressing and what the wishes and needs are with regard to the digital support of families and care professionals. Eaglescience subsequently converted these wishes and needs into the OKT app that can be used on both desktop / laptop and mobile devices. The app includes, among other things, a number of commonly used formats such as the ecogram (for mapping the social and professional network around the families) and the social map (knowledge base with brochures and websites of recognized aid organizations such as opvoeden.nl).

Team’s experiences:

“For the digital tool for OKT Amsterdam we have developed an existing product (the SamenStarten app) as a concept and completely rebuilt in technology in the most current languages ​​and frameworks. It was a cool project to work on, because we were able to develop a new tool in the field of assistance that directly contributes to innovating and professionalizing the work of the caregivers. This makes our work really useful, because you can build something that serves a social purpose.

A special innovative technology that we have developed for this project is the “flow engine”. A “flow” (process flow) is defined from start to finish, in which each user action leads to a new “state” of the flow. This fits very well with the function that supports conversations from the OKT app, because this fits precisely with the progress of conversations between families and healthcare professionals. We have reused the CMS (content management system) from SamenStarten. To be able to integrate this, a translation module has been created to connect the CMS (written in an older version of Angular) to the flow engine, written in the most current version of Angular. We have also moved more towards micro services with this project. The developers have gained valuable new knowledge with this, which makes the project extra interesting for them.

We have added an Ecogram to the app, which visualizes your personal social and professional network. At the end of a conversation between healthcare professional and family, the request for help can be focused on who from which circle the family can best help with this request for help. From a technical point of view, it was interesting to make the layout and ensure that the image looks good on every device. Finally, in order to fill the CMS, via an external API, we have made a link with the data of opvoeden.nl. “- Gosse


Angular front end
Scala backend

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