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Gaming for a real job

In 2015 Eaglescience, together with partners Banenruil and IJsfontein, won the contest Play2Work. In this exciting project we built a gamified platform for young students who are finishing their MBO education. PlaytoWork offers a playful, innovative matching environment.

While playing games and performing assignments, a personal profile is created based on personality characteristics. This profile is then matched with real jobs. Students can use the platform to grow, develop and present themselves in a fast changing job market. Our aim was to combine innovative software and gaming modules to motivate MBO graduates to open themselves for the real life job market. By doing so, employers gain insight into the skills and abilities of these young professionals. By gaming for a real job, the MBO graduates enter the fast and competitive job market with a lead.

Play to Work & Eaglescience

Eaglescience, Banenruil and IJsfontein work closely together on this innovative and challenging project PlaytoWork. Together we develop an intuitive gaming module for MBO-graduates, employers and educational institutions.

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