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Supporting communication between nurses and parents

Through the SamenStarten program, kids and families with a specific need (for example parenting or financial issues) are quickly identified and supported. However, nurses are not always capable of providing the required assistance during house calls.

The SamenStarten-app enhances the communication between nurses and parents. It provides information on aid agencies (such as social services), as well as information tailored to the parents’ needs (websites, instruction videos and pdf’s). The app enables support outreached working, assistance is based on the clients’ needs and goals.

“Eaglescience takes it a step further and literally gives ideas an extra dimension. They excel in fast response and reliability. They listen so well that their proposals often turn out better than the original idea.”

SamenStarten & Eaglescience

In 2013 SamenStarten-app V1.0 was released. In 2016 the SamenStarten-app has been fully updated. Both projects were coordinated by TNO, in cooperation with JGZ (Jeugdgezondheidzorg) Amsterdam and Pharos. Eaglescience developed the application, in consultation with nurses and stakeholders.

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