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Developing a state of the art firesuit.

Firefighters are essential to public safety. By saving lives and ensuring public safety, these men and women place themselves in great danger. Each year over a 100 firefighters across Europe die in action. To reduce the risk for firefighters and reduce the number of casualties, brigades need innovative solutions. SenSuit is an international project that develops such a solution.

The SenSuit, a wearable that enables a tactile communication between commander and firefighter, makes this hazardous work safer. The tracking and communication system lets the commander localize firefighters in the building and enables communication and coordination. The suit enables firefighters to sense this information continuously on their skin which ensures a decreased cognitive load and an increased situational awareness.

Eurostars, Elitac & Eaglescience

The SenSuit project is part of the Eurostars Programma. Together with Frauenhofer Gesellschaft, S-Gard and Elitac, Eaglescience is developing this tracking and communication system. Eaglescience and Elitac work closely together on innovative projects like MotoSense and SenSuit. Together we join consortia and joint ventures to develop integrated hardware, embedded software and new challenges for tactile technology.

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Marc Grootjen