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Awareness of physical load

Cooperation with TNO and the Ministry of Social Affairs and Employment

42% of the working population do physically demanding work. Heavy work occurs in many sectors and can have an impact on health and lead to absenteeism or even disability. This is not only annoying for the employee, but also for the company.

Together with the research organization TNO and the Ministry of Social Affairs and Employment, Eaglescience has worked on the development of the BewustBelast app. TNO connects people and knowledge to create innovations that sustainably strengthen the competitiveness of companies and the well-being of society. “Working healthy and promoting life” is the domain on which this collaboration is based. The purpose of the app is to support employees who are physically demanding to make healthy choices so that they develop fewer body complaints and / or fail with complaints.

The app
The BewustBelast app has been specially developed for employees. The app is a tool for raising awareness and helps employees gain insight into their own role in improving situations. The use of the assessment tools makes it clear what the risks are of physical strain and effective measures can be taken. Employees receive feedback and tips on how to tackle the bottlenecks based on work characteristics and possible complaints. This contributes to the prevention of musculoskeletal complaints and a sustainably healthy and productive deployment of employees.

The app uses Cordova Hot Code Push. Through this plug-in, updates and changes are pushed from the website and updating of the app is not necessary. A timing system also had to be built in because a plan takes 6 weeks and the notifications must appear at the right times. A challenge was the input of a lot of information by a user, without getting boring or people dropping out, so gamification elements were used.

Team’s experiences

“BewustBelast was my very first project. I joined the team when the app already existed, but the Angular framework had to be updated. I was allowed to give the Eaglescience team members a refresher about how things were structured and how the flow was within the app. It was a nice project to start with, because I was given the opportunity to delve into something that I didn’t know very well and challenged me. The collaboration within the Eaglescience team was very pleasant, as a newcomer I got the time to find out how a project works and to prepare myself well. As a result, I immediately felt that I was really contributing to the team, despite the fact that I was new and came straight out of the lecture hall.

I think the purpose of the BewustBelast app is good, in my environment I have seen how important good working conditions are, but also how difficult those Health and Safety processes are to implement. This app is trying to simplify that, which is an important step in the right direction! “- Bas


Angular4: front end
Range: backend
Own internally developed flow engine
Cordova Hot Code Push
Android & iOS